Angel in the Dark歌词

Weezer - Cold Dark World 活在当下 制作
I can watch little girl from the back of my car
I see you and show at the place that you are
Groceries spillin' up out of your bag
Thinkin’ you’ll end up a penniless hag
But I see the girl that you are deep inside
Won’t you allow me to give you a ride
I can console you and give you kiss
Show you that you can do better than this
Angel girl
In a cold dark world
I’m gonna be your man
Angel girl
In a cold dark world
I’ll make you understand
I know that you’re thinkin’ I’m trying to score
But deep in your heart you know that I’m more
Than a cat or a scoundrel
Now that I’ve found you, I don’t want to lose you
How can I prove, you know that I am sincere
You don’t need to fear
I’m not like the others; I’ll be like a brother
I will protect you, never disrespect
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